As an old-school vidder, I make all my vids with the goal of being viewed on a TV. They look way, way better on a large screen.

Don't Fight in the Snow

Never Left; Tombstone (Wyatt and Doc)
Ebben? Ne andro lontana; Band of Brothers
My Beautiful Reward; Firefly (Mal)
3 Libras; Buffy (Spike and Buffy)
Soul for Every Cowboy; Magnificent 7 (Chris and Vin)
Come Around; La Femme Nikita (Nikita and Michael)
Stranded; Due South (Fraser and Vecchio)
Cun Lacoudhir; Witchblade
Night Vision; Second Sight
When You Come Back Down; Magnificent 7 (C&V)

Bride of Don't Fight in the Snow

Darkness, Darkness; Miracles
Atom Bomb; La Femme Nikita
Too Bad; Keen Eddie
Streets on Fire; Robbery Homicide Division
Tumbling Dice; Ocean's 11
6 Underground; La Femme Nikita
Stripped; The Fast and the Furious (Dom and Brian)
In a Big Country; The Magnificent 7
I Shall Believe; Buffy (Spike and Buffy)
Cannonball; Firefly (Mal and Inara, Mal and crew)
Valentine Heart; Angel (Wesley and Lilah)
Through Your Hands; Firefly (River and Simon)
Santa Monica; Angel the Series & Buffy (Spike)
Do What You Have to Do; Buffy (Angel and Buffy)

Son of Don't Fight in the Snow

Loaded Gun; The Fast and the Furious
Gimme Shelter; Angel
Polaroid Millenium, Buffy
A Time of Her Own; Sharpe
Bright Future in Sales; Wonderfalls
Come to Jesus; Deadwood
There; BSG Waltz; Anime-Count of Monte Cristo
Blood/Lust; Angel
Fraternite; Brotherhood of the Wolf
Pilgrim Soul; The 13th Warrior
Female of the Species; BtVS & Angel
I'm Immortal; Life on Mars
Digging in the Dirt; BSG
Black Soul Choir; Firefly

Don't Fight in the Snow vs. Godzilla

I Remember; Charlie Jade
Words Fail You; Big Eden
Ready, Steady, Go; Multimedia
Well, Well, Well; Firefly
Flashdance; La Femme Nikita
Once; Black Hawk Down
Broken English; The Professionals
Don?t Get Me Wrong; Keen Eddie
Try Not to Breathe; Torchwood
Jump Around; Angel
27 Jennifers; Veronica Mars
Always Winter; About a Boy
Come On; Flashpoint
Twilight Zone; Charlie Jade
Super Bon Bon; The Fast and the Furious films
Mad About You; Mad Men
Comes and Goes in Waves; Varg Veum films
The Driver; Stingray
The Dark Half; 3:10 to Yuma
Follow You Down; Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid
Brick House; Multimedia (Gina Torres)
Hold on Tight; Ratatouille

Digitized copies (not digitally remastered) of my old VCR-made La Femme Nikita and X-Files vids are now on a single disc.

Vids include:
La Femme Nikita
She Cries Your Name; Beth Orton
I Am a Rock; Simon & Garfunkel
Writing Notes; Jen Trynin
Live to Tell; Madonna
Smooth Operator; Sade
We Could Leave Right Now; OysterBand
Come Around; Kim Richey
There's No Way Out of Here; David Gilmour

Only Happy When it Rains; Garbage
As Girls Go; Suzanne Vega
Fall in the Light; Lori Carson
Trust; The Cure
Nobody Takes Me Seriously; Split Enz
Where Is My Soul; Finn Bros.
Heart in Hand; Vertical Horizon
Human; Pretenders
There's No Way Out of Here; David Gilmour


If you're interested in getting any of the dvds, I can send you copies upon request. The fastest way to get them is to drop me the (very minimal) cost of postage and handling via Paypal (I will, however, send them for free upon request, but that might take time, relying on when I have money for postage.)

Send email to and I'll give you the address!

I don't ask for payment for the discs, but if you wish to add a buck or two in your payment to defray media costs, I will not object, and will make blessings in your honor.