Vids by Gwyneth and L'Abattoir


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3. Quite a few of my vids are not online, but many more in lots of fandoms are available on shiny DVDs. E-mail me or click here for details.


172MB MP4
Fandom: Multifandom
A million hearts on fire: A love letter to fandom.

Wild Ones
138MB MP4
Fandom: Captain America & Avengers
Steve really likes the wild ones.

112MB MP4
Fandom: Captiain America, Avengers, & Iron Man movies
I love the way you hurt me.

140MB MP4
Fandom: Star Wars films
This is a rebellion, isn't it? We rebel.

Chase You Down
175MB MP4
Fandom: Captain America movies
Steve Rogers: the bisexual America deserves.


TV Fandoms


Happy Endings
We Rule the World
MP4, 63MB
Let's pretend that we rule the world.

Best Day of My Life
MP4, 79MB
Friendship is magic!

Jane's Getting Serious
MP4, 70MB
She's looking at me as if I'm something she owns.

Heel on the Shovel
Divx avi, 42MB
You reap what you sow.

Lost Cause
QT Divx avi, 34MB
Raylan Givens can't quite go home again.

Charlie Jade
Twilight Zone
QT Divx avi, 36MB
The gun's still warm.

I Remember
QT Divx avi, 38MB
Three worlds, one hope...except he can't get there from here.

Battlestar Galactica
Digging in the Dirt
QT Divx avi, 37MB
Dr. Gaius Baltar, scientist, narcissist: It really is all about him.

QT Divx avi, 42.4MB
How do you represent hope to others in the face of unimaginable loss, when you yourself are losing hope?

Gray Goes Black
Divx avi, 31MB
The blood we're sinking in.

Darkness, Darkness
Divx avi, 19.9MB
God is now here, or God is nowhere -- it's hard to tell in the nightmarish world of Paul Callan.

La Femme Nikita (see below for more)
Flash Dance
QT Divx avi, 31MB
He's the kind of guy who thinks he's smart. Created for Club Vivid 2007.

6 Underground
QT, 22MB
Nikita must pay the cost for loving Michael. (My many older LFN vids are available on disc at the page mentioned above)

Atom Bomb
QT, 20.4MB
Baby got an atom bomb -- and she knows what to do with it.

Firefly (see below for more)
Well Well Well
QT Divx avi, 20MB
Faith doesn't always mean belief. Created for the Vividcon challenge show for the theme: faith.

Black Soul Choir
QT Divx avi, 34.7MB
Every man is evil, and every man's a liar.

Through Your Hands
QT, 24.4MB
Of all the ships on all the worlds in all the 'verse, they walked on to Serenity.

QT, 17.5MB
Why is it so difficult for Mal to show his feelings for Inara, and the rest of the crew?

Angel the series
Jump Around
QT Divx avi, 28MB Created for Club Vivid 2008
If you got the feeling, jump across the ceiling.

QT Divx, 18.6MB
A tale of enduring love and romance between a vampire with big brass testes and a tiny Texan.

Gimme Shelter
QT Divx, 29.6MB
Another day, another apocalypse. Created for the Vividcon 2005 Challenge Show to the theme: milestones.

Valentine Heart
QT, 20MB
When you love the wrong person at the right time, there are no happy endings.

Santa Monica
Divx .avi, 21.9MB, BtVS and AtS
Spike moves on with a little help from his friends.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (see below for more)
Female of the Species
QT Divx, 59.6MB Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the series
They're the women of the Buffyverse. You got a problem with that?

Polaroid Millenium
QT Divx, 22.3MB
The first lesson in learning to fly is learning how to fall.
(The title of the song is not spelled wrong -- that's how it appears on the album.)

I Shall Believe
QT, 19.1MB
What Spike may have believed about his relationship with Buffy in S7, and about himself.

Do What You Have to Do
QT, 19.2MB
Buffy does what she has to do, and so does Angel/Angelus.

Keen Eddie
Don't Get Me Wrong
QT Divx avi, 37MB
Something's in the air when Monty's with Eddie.

Too Bad
QT, 21.7MB
An American cop fish out of water in London, where things go from bad to worse. Plus, there are dogs.

Miscellaneous TV fandoms

All We Do
68MB MP4
Fandom: Political Animals
All I did was fail today.

73MB MP4
Fandom: Kings
Here there be monsters.

MP4, 69MB
These are hard times for dreamers.

Red Rain
Miami Vice avi, 43MB
Sonny Crockett's life is basically just one long terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day.

Pick Up the Phone
Divx AVI, 38MB
"If you're telling me that the price of seeing them, of feeling them...of having them in my life is my sanity, that's a price I will happily pay."

Soul Survivor
The Wire
Divx avi, 32MB
It's all in the game, yo. Vid made for Anoel, Festivids 2011.

This Must Be the Place
Divx avi, 38MB
It's a locomotive that runs on us.

No You Girls
Divx avi, 35MB
Gender's such a drag.

Running Up That Hill
Prison Break
QT Divx avi, 45MB
See how deep the bullet lies.

Only an Expert
QT Divx avi, 32.4MB
An expert can solve the problem: Ask Hardison how.

Brick House
Multifandom, Gina Torres
QT Divx avi, 37MB
Gina Torres, eighth wonder of the world.

Hold on Tight
Divx avi, 32MB
Everyone has a dream.

Mad About You Mad Men
QT Divx avi, 31MB
Is it wrong for these women to be so mad about these men? Yes. Yes, it is.

Come On Flashpoint
QT Divx avi, 24MB
Right now is the only moment that counts.

27 Jennifers Veronica Mars
Divx, 26 MB
And then there was her...

Try Not to Breathe Torchwood/Dr. Who
QT mov, 40MB
Who remembers the rememberer?

Ready Steady Go
QT Divx avi, 36MB
Street legal. Created for Club Vivid 2007.

I'm Immortal Life on Mars
QT Divx avi 49.5MB
There are worse things than being stuck in 1973. You could be dead in 2006.

After Rain
QT Divx avi, 28.6MB Band of Brothers
Even in the worst storm, there's shelter in love and friendship.

Come to Jesus
QT Divx, 28.8MB Deadwood
Suffer the children of Deadwood.

Bright Future in Sales
QT Divx, 20.9MB Wonderfalls
You never know what the future holds, especially when talking fake animals are doing the forecasting.

A Time of Her Own
QT Divx, 19MB Sharpe
Lt. Richard Sharpe and Commandante Teresa, one of the greatest love stories ever told.

In a Big Country
QT, 19.9MB, The Magnificent Seven
Vin and Chris and the rest of the boys, in the landscape that surrounds them.

Movie Fandoms

Captain America movies

99MB MP4
Fandom: Captain America movies, Marvel Cinematic Universe
I bet you didn't know someone could love you this much.

Hallo Spaceboy
124MB MP4
Fandom: Captain America movies, Avengers, Marvel Cinematic Universe
The future is today.

No Rest for the Wicked
92MB MP4
Fandom: Captain America movies, Captain America: Civil War Trailer
Won't you hold on a little longer? Don't let them get away.

Way Down We Go
86MB MP4
Fandom: Captain America movies, Captain America: Civil War Trailer
They will run you down, down till you fall.

83MB MP4
Fandom: Captain America movies, Avengers
I don't wanna get over you.

Orange Crush
MP4, 80MB
Steve and Bucky are the weapons of war.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier
MP4, 76MB
All I know is to keep you close.

84MB MP4
Fandom: Agent Carter, Captain America, Marvel Cinematic Universe
Shoot me down, but I won't fall.

Avengers movie-verse and Marvel Cinematic Universe
Heroes (We Could Be)
94MB MP4
Fandom: Ladies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe
You and me, we got the world in our hands.

Wasp Nest
77MB MP4
Fandom: Avengers-verse
You're all humming live wires under your killing clothes.

How You Like Me Now
Iron Man
Tony Stark, the little black dress of the Avengers-verse

Worth Fighting For
Divx, 35.7MB
If we go, we go together.

Pacific Rim

MP4, 63MB
Big damn heroes, every one.

MP4, 75MB
Welcome to the new age: go big or go extinct.

Miscellaneous movies
Havoc in Heaven
92MB MP4
Fandom: Sunshine
Icarus flies to the sun.

60 Feet Tall
Divx avi, 42MB
She can take the trouble.

I Wanna Be a Cowboy
Buckaroo Banzai
Divx avi, 35MB
Six guns at his side.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Follow You Down
QT Divx avi, 29.9MB Sundance won't follow Butch that far. Or maybe, yeah, he will.

About a Boy
Always Winter
QT Divx avi, 36MB
It's always winter, but never Christmas.

Big Eden
Words Fail You
QT Divx avi, 38 MB
Some things are just too hard to say.

The Fast and the Furious movies
Tribute to Paul Walker
Memorial vid for Paul Walker made for the Escapade convention.
MP4, 39.2MB

Super Bon Bon QT Divx avi, 30MB
Created for Kadymae for the 2009 Vividcon Auction.

Loaded Gun
QT Divx, 29.1MB
When it comes to Brian and Dom, it's hard to tell who's really taking down whom.

QT, 20.3MB
Brian wants to know who the real Dominic is.

Brotherhood of the Wolf
QT Divx avi, 23.6MB
Brothers in arms, no matter what the enemy.

Ocean's 11
Tumbling Dice
QT, 18.2MB
You can be my partner in crime.


Classic Vids

These are older vids originally made on VCRs; they have been digitally remastered with DVD source, and in some cases, there are slight differences compared with the original versions due to changes in source or screen width.

Fall in the Light
QT Divx, 25.3MB The X-Files
If Scully lets go, Mulder will catch her. (This is a digital remake of a vid originally made on VCRs, circa 1998.)

There's No Way Out of Here
QT Divx, 33.1MB Multimedia: X-Files, BtVS, La Femme Nikita
Three women -- Buffy, Scully, and Nikita -- on their descent into hell. This is a completely digital remaster of a classic VCR vid.

My Beautiful Reward
QT Divx avi, 35MB, Firefly
Mal keeps searching for his reward, but finds it in unexpected places. Originally made right after the series was cancelled so source was only from available aired episodes.